Our History
JansMen Bowling League was established for the
1982/83 bowling season, to offer a venue for GLBT &
Gay Friendly individuals to bowl in a league.
JansMen renames league to JansPeople Bowling
League for the 1983/84 bowling season.
JansPeople and Rainbow League merger as
JansRainbow Bowling League for the 2001/2002
bowling season.

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The JansRainbow Bowling League invites all GLBT
and Gay Friendly individuals and/or teams who
have/ not bowled before to join its Fall or Summer
Leagues as posted in the Schedule of Events.
JansRainbow League
The IGBO Community of San Antonio through the
JansPeople League hosted the 13th Annual IGBO
Mid-Year Tournament in 1993.
The JansRainbow League announces the
2008/2009 Fall League will grow to a 4-person
Team League.